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was sexually molested tuesday. >> right now we are beyond embarrassment. >> the investigation into what happened it ended without charges being filed. >> there is no criminal act, they said. and that is it. >> according to the parents the alleged incident happened when their daughter got off the bus macdill me in the morning. she and the male students -- went into the bathroom. >> she is not able to give legal consent because she is not of the presence of mind to give legal consent. >> the parents found out about this tuesday night. the girl was examined that an area hospital and police began investigating. in a statement, they explain why
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everything ended. they say the baltimore county police department thoroughly investigate all charges. in this case, and no force was used during the encounter. maryland law is very specific about criteria for charges to be brought in a sexual assault case and those required elements are not in this case. also when juveniles engaging in sexual activity, a certain age difference must be present in order for the act to be a crime. that is not present in this case. the parents did meet with the school principal who promised she would take action. the parents will keep their daughter out of school temporarily until this is all result. wbal-tv 11 news. >> police say a mother left five small children alone in a hotel room while she committed a robbery.
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she is facing a long list of charges including five counts of confining an unattended trout. she and another man entered a hotel room and demanded money. police obtained a key from the employee and found five children ranging in ages from four months to six years old. they are being cared for by a relative. and what started as a suspicious death investigation in north baltimore is now being called a homicide. police responded just before 8:30 this morning and found a man shot to death. there are few details. no suspects identified and no word on a motive. >> the ramp to t street is that open, but it will shut down after a four-vehicle crash.
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after an hour and 15 minutes, a rescue team had to work to cut one man free of his vehicle. that shut down all three lanes of traffic. his injuries are described as non-life-threatening, but no word on what caused the crash. expanded gambling in maryland is literally a coin toss according to a new poll. 46% of voters are against and 46% are for. david joins us with more. >> the call numbers are a surprise to those following the issue. many people we talked to today said that they find the tv ads confusing. the fate is in the hands of undecided voters. >> question 7 makes lots of promises. >> the question seventh tv ad campaign appears to have
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confused, more than sway voters. >> it is very confusing because of the fact that -- they both have things to say that can be very convincing. >> do you find the ads and lean and confusing -- and knowing and confusing? >> u-turn on the other channel and you hear another side. a lot people are confused about it. >> it is talking about improving schools and the message is not focused, i guess. >> 45% of registered voters favor expanding gambling, while 46% oppose. 9% are undecided. this johns hopkins professor says they are in favor for different reasons. >> the republicans like to have the source of revenue without
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the inconvenience of imposing a tax. it short circuits the political system. for african americans, i think that's the issues are more complex. many of religious denominations take a dim view of gambling. they are figuring, there goes the neighborhood. >> 54% of those claiming that expanded gaming is most likely to get them out to the polls plan to vote against it. so the pro and con tv ads may not be helping either side's cause. >> i think it is succeeding in making people angry on both sides. >> a potential danger has emerged in this battle. it concerns hollywood gaming and maryland line. we will have more on that 6:00. reporting live from the newsroom -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> we continued team coverage of
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commitment 2012 with a look at how maryland voters are viewing the presidential election. voters here prefer -- president obama 56% 2 mitt romney, 34%. but it looks like there is more bad news for mitt romney in the state of ohio. steve? >> no republican has ever won the white house -- 9, ever -- without winning the state of ohio. mitt romney trailed by less than one point in ohio earlier this month. in the latest ohio poll, romney trails by 10. he is wrapping up his bus tour of ohio, a blue-collar state that is a must win for mitt romney. >> there is dignity and honor in good, hard work. >> but ohio may be moving out of reach for romney. even with the help of the ohio native jack nicklaus who says he
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has laid off workers from his golf business. >> we cannot afford four more years like the last four years. >> romney cannot afford more polls like today. after he was caught on tape disparagingly 47% of americans who pay no income tax, who, he said a " feel like victims," romney is trailing president obama by 12% and pennsylvania, nine points in florida, 10 in ohio. >> i have been across this country. my heart aches for the people i have seen. >> in his new ad, running looks right at -- running looks right at voters. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle- class americans. >> i do not believe we can get very far with leaders to write
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off half the nation as a bunch of victim's. >> the auto bailout helps the president here. >> i need you to register to vote. i need you to start voting six days from now on october 2. >> early voting. in started last friday in south dakota. and the first voting in a battleground state starts tomorrow, in iowa. the election is beginning weeks before november 6. wbal-tv 11 news. >> and 11 years as continuing coverage of commitment 2012 on our website -- be sure to click on "politics." >> the new england patriots coach will have to fork over millions for his treatment of
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the referee in the ravens game. i am sure you remember. he grabbed the official's arm in anger. the lead and referee is unions are meeting and say they are, yes, clothes, to wrapping up the lockout. for other redskins have also been fined for their conduct toward officials. meanwhile, controversial tweets taunting the ravens were backed torrey smith. here is what was written. the patriots and we did -- "hey, wait, why don't you call your bro and tell him about your win? wait, too soon?"
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the person who uses the account has switched her account to private. johns hopkins has released a statement by her. she says she regrets for tasteless, and deeply laments the pain that has been caused. she goes on to say she would like to apologize to torrey smith, his family, his friends, and everyone distressed by what she said. >> maybe we can put all of that behind this. we know torrey smith is scheduled to play in the matchup with the cleveland browns. if you do not have tickets, you do not need them. we have a front row seat. its starts at 7:00 right here. >> unseasonably warm temperatures and the machinists of summer hanging on in early fall. slope -- the money mess of summer hanging on in early fall.
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there are some sprinkles and light showers to our north. they will slowly sliding to the baltimore area. the vast majority of the showers are staying well to the west and northwest. that is on the south shore of lake erie. it will take another day or so to get through your. that means more warm conditions for tonight and tomorrow and more of a cool down as we head into the weekend. more that in the seven-day forecast. >> still ahead, he may have inspired the name for the baltimore ravens. >> but the edgar allan poe house is going to an early grave this year. why is closing its doors, next.
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>> and the weeks before election day, the most recent gonzales poll shows that maryland voters think the most important issue facing the state is the economy and it should come as no surprise with one of the state's largest steel mills shut down. more than 1000 people were employed. tonight, that number is 0. now those workers are getting
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much needed help from a food bank. >> the food distribution is just winding down for today. it has been going on since about 1:00 this afternoon. yesterday, they gave up 30,000 pounds of food to 1000 families. it was so successful, they opened their doors again to dead. former steelworkers lined up outside on wednesday afternoon. most say it has been tough going since the plants closed and they lost their jobs in june. >> type, really tight. just doing what i have to do. >> i am not working. >> that is why i am here. >> inside the maryland od bank set up a massive food distribution. the members of the steelworker'' union, an organization that has raised a lot of money in the past. >> they supported us for so many years, and now we can be there for them. >> more than 1000 workers got
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boxes and bags loaded with fresh foods and canned goods. they say they are grateful for the helping hand during these tough times beeping >> chino, to have something -- you know, to have something at the house for my family. >> these are food products that we can have instead of putting money into the gas tank. >> that is what our members need. we need to return back to work as soon as possible. we need to bring this to thousand-plus jobs back. >> right now, the mill was set to go to auction january 3 unless another buyer comes forward first. >> thanks. that report comes as a new memo by state budget officials show that sequestration could reduce marilyn's wage and salary base
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by 2.5 -- maryland's wage and salary base by $2.5 billion. that could put maryland into a recession. maryland has more than double the number of federal jobs as dean national average. a study from george mason university suggests that direct and indirect job losses could approach 100,000. >> baltimore city is losing $300,000 with the sale of the landmark theatre. is being turned on to the same company that opens the charles theater near penn station. the developer should receive his -- historic tax credits for the renovations. the city bought the art deco landmark to keep it from going into foreclosure. renovations include adding three new screens and a wine bar. and just before one of its most popular seasons, halloween, the
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edgar allan poe house is going to close its doors. it normally closes for december. and nonprofit group is taking it over for the city and plans to reopen in 2013. it has plans to increase its visibility and popularity. a detailed plan will be presented to the board of estimates next week. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> there were showers that cut right across the baltimore area. look at the radar 12 hours ago. the showers were rumbling through the region. they scooted off pretty quickly. not much in the way of significant rain shower activity. most of the stuff on our screen as up to the north and in
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pennsylvania. total precipitation is pretty light. the showers cut right through baltimore, less than attend seven enjoy in most areas. -- less than a 10th of an inch in most areas. tonight, a slow-moving cold front that probably will not clear our area until tomorrow afternoon or evening. ahead of that front, we're definitely on the warm side of things. center -- temperatures warmer than usual. dwi marshall, 80 degrees. look at the contrast. only in the '60s in westmoreland -- 60's in west pennsylvania. still a chance for a couple of showers moving through the night. mostly cloudy skies. the front that will push through here and cool things off is still around the cleveland area, actually, moving south of lake
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erie. behind it, classic fall whether. -- classic fall weather. olden non-to summer conditions here. this front brings us a chance for showers tomorrow and tonight. it looks like it will be slow moving, settling just south of us. that area of low pressure will be generating additional showers right into friday. a couple days of unseasonable weather. weekend main feature a little mix of sunshine and cloud. not really a washout. cannot eliminate the risk of a shower until late sunday night. maybe a little more cloud cover around, a better chance for a shower. the son will be up at 6:59. a brown mountains, they have had scattered showers today it -- up around the mountains, they have
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had scattered showers today. on the shores, showers continue for a couple more days. cooling off a little. mid-70's and probably low 70's on the weekend. one more dry day before the front reaches the lower eastern shore tomorrow or friday with highs in mid-70's. seven-day forecast -- if you of plans on the ravens game tomorrow, you probably will have to plan on some shower activity in the area. a shower in the morning friday, then clearing out, then some afternoon pop-up showers friday and saturday. >> all right. thanks. a contractor to repair the washington monument. >> but still a long way to go. when we come back, how long it is going to take and how much it is going to cost. >> of controversial this lead.
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anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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>> the repairs to the washington monument will be a work in progress for at least 18 more months. official said there is a light at the end of the tunnel. monument has been closed since the earthquake at the end of last year. the heavily damaged portion will be the most difficult to repair. >> the heaviest damage was found at the river this section of the monuments. -- ribbed section of the monument. repairs will have to be made inside and outside. >> the national park service has awarded a contract. at the company has worked on many large scale products.
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>> in tonight's medical alert, the cases of west nile disease continue to mount, but not as quickly as a few weeks ago. the cdc reports there have been 3600 west nile cases nationwide, including 47 related deaths. most continue to be from texas. they make up 38% of the cases. this will be the worst year on record for the mosquito-borne disease. now, michael bloomberg is pushing for the end of another unhealthy habit. this time, it is hospitals. the mayor wants to cut sugar ray and fatty foods from public and private hospitals. -- sugary and fatty foods from public and private hospitals. he also was to make salad options mandatory. losing a child can be beyond
5:27 pm
devastating. researchers at the university of never came followed mothers, unmarried and single, to determine the impact of -- married and single, to determine the impact of losing a child. the death rates of mothers skyrockets by 300% in the first two years after the child felt that. researchers do not know if it is grief alone that is killing these mothers. >> it looks like a number would die of heart attacks or accidents anyway. >> the size of the family did not matter, nor did household income or education. getting maugham's past that critical two years is key. >> baltimore history. the city's first whether predicting crab took a stroll. we will introduce you to baltimore bill and tell you
5:28 pm
whether we're in for an early winter. >> and college students anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia...
5:29 pm
casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> alive, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton. >> news tonight, a group of
5:30 pm
towson students proclaim a message of love with paint- filled sponges. >> another student group says it is trying to do its part to keep the peace. we have more from the newsroom. >> it is a reaction to what students say are hate filled messages spoken and written around campus. and believe they have found a way to speak love. @ freedom square in the middle of the towson campus, students turn to sponges to blot out hate. >> we are trying to give people the opportunity to vent frustration by throwing paint on it. if it is a visual stamping out of hate. >> nice 1.
5:31 pm
>> what do you think of this? >> i do not -- i think it is a good thing. you can throw a sponge at a wall. instead of other things that are worse. >> the group started a year ago. it was right when concerns were raised on campus over talk messages written about western civilization. the student behind the writings has pushed for a white student union. the group says this is the kind of behavior is trying to change. >> i think it is a more positive way to handle it. i remember a lot of students were really offended. i never saw them, but i heard what they had written. i would not be cool with seeing that around campus anyway. >> it is also geared toward bullying as well. >> i am not an advocate for bullying, so i wanted to show my feelings about it.
5:32 pm
and i got it all out. >> it is a topic that is becoming a bigger topic. and it needs to be discussed. >> this is one of many ways the group hopes to express love on the towson pampas. they will be holding -- campus. they will be holding up a special forum. now this -- education nation continues on nbc news'. is being held in new york city. all week long been at work has been looking at ways to improve education in america. have you ever wanted to hit the rewind button on what your teacher just said? it is a new concept that will have school at home and homework at school. >> kate long is getting his math
5:33 pm
lesson in his favorite place -- the comfort of the living room at home. >> 120 degrees. >> math teacher ashley miller recorded herself introducing a new math concept so students can watch it on a computer, smart phone, a tablet -- anywhere they control video. anyplace, anytime. the process flips the class from. >> it is not in the sense that you will be doing handsprings in class, but what you have traditionally thought of as homework will now be done at school. >> the math lecture that she normally would do during a class, she now does in front of a camera. >> this will give us more time in class to sit down and work with you one-on-one. >> this is one of three county schools piloting the program, although other schools have tried it. it is based on an idea by two
5:34 pm
colorado educators. these events like the idea of recorded math lessons, especially when they do not want classmates to know they do not understand something. >> i can just walk to begin until i get it. -- watch it again until i get. >> sometimes i have trouble focusing or i do not give it and i cannot remind the teacher. >> if we use it too late to school, it helps us think. i think i will like math more. >> again, that was donna lowry reporting for nbc's education nation. find out more on how you can get involved on well there, see the latest education trends -- while there, see the latest education trends in maryland, including tips on
5:35 pm
preventing bullying. >> a new poll shows that at the november election were held today, maryland would approve same-sex marriage. 51% of likely voters in maryland are for same-sex unions. the long debated issue will appear as question 6 on the november ballot. when it comes to question 7, be extended caning initiative, maryland voters appear to be split down -- the extended team in initiative, maryland voters appear to be split down the middle. you can expect a flood of new tv and radio commercials as though on both sides go after the voters to say, know what? i am still not sure where i stand. baltimore police are looking for the killers of a man whose body was found in the river. the 26-year-old was kidnapped. his body was found eight days
5:36 pm
later, wrapped in a blanket in the river. they have charged two people with murder. they are being held in federal prison right now. a third person is also accused of kidnapping and other offenses. the nfl has ordered the patriots' coach to pay a $50,000 fine after grabbing the arm of barclays beneficial in sunday's game -- of an official in sunday's game against the raven. and they are close to ending the lockout of the regular officials. close. other coaching staff were charged as well. >> it is amazing that are close the. >> yes, exactly. tonight -- >> tonight we say goodbye to one of the most popular singing stars of the
5:37 pm
1960's. >> and a shooting death as we cover the nation. >> coming up, a baltimore homeowner
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>> covering the nation tonight, police and oklahoma are trying to figure out what brought a 13- year-old boy to shoot himself in the hallway of the school. he pulled up a gun before the day began and pulled the trigger. the district immediately locked down the school and took students to a different location for the parents to pick them up. the school does not have metal detectors. protests against the iranian president to address the u.n. general assembly this morning. his speeches are known for being controversial. this comes after tensions rise over pteron's possible nuclear rogram and talk -- tehran's
5:41 pm
possible nuclear program and talk of an iranian attack on israel. >> and sad news tonight. andy williams has died after a yearlong battle with bladder cancer. williams is one of the most popular singers of the 1960's. well known for the sun "moon river," which you may remember from "wexford -- breakfast at tiffany's." he was 84 years old. >> move voice. >> beautiful. >> if the smell of bacon makes your mouth water, we have bad news for you tonight. >> and nationwide shortages on the web. how much more you are about to pay for bacon and y. >> in this season of rebirth,
5:42 pm
wouldn't be nice if they could pay a visit to the prime time? that story is straight ahead.
5:43 pm
>> good afternoon. coming up at 6:00 -- a debate on free speech in one baltimore neighborhood. accusations that the city took this display down. also, parents of a baltimore county students are outraged
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>> after last night's shuttle lost to toronto, which is the first -- shut out lost to toronto, the birds are looking to make up ground. we are an hour away from the first pitch? >> the orioles remain in the playoffs. the yankees did when today, so baltimore is two games in the first big. is maybe a little tense on the first playoff push today. they got a visit from prime time, deion sanders, in an orioles uniform today at. showalter.iend buck i will tell you, for the orioles
5:46 pm
today, i watched dillon bundy run out and he was like a kid in a candy store. i asked what advice he had for the game -- for the team in their first playoff run in 15 years. >> stay focused, man. they got what they need. they need to take what they got. they have the hitting, the fielding. they are very intelligent. they have a coach that don't play. they just have to stay focused. every game is a playoff game. >> and indeed, the focus may be part of the 58. the end of the season, a long grind. i talked to the coach. he says if there is any panicking, is not in the clubhouse. we have more on that new at 6:00. live at camden yards, tv 11
5:47 pm
sports. >> if you want to know if we are going to have an early winter, i ask a local expert. baltimore bill. the world's first weather- predicting crabbe. he raised his claw today. here is the key. he drops right into the harbor -- it is an early fall. if the heads to the day and warmer climates, winter is coming earlier this year. >> baltimore bill, are you ready? all right. let's say. and he is off. and it will be an early winter. >> and there was absolutely no hesitation. he went straight for it. maybe that would explain why
5:48 pm
bill is heading for warmer climates. >> did you watch baltimore will make his predictions? you are probably thinking "really?" >> early winter. >> which means what? >> i don't know. snowfall before thanksgiving? >> knowing in october. >> tell me what an early winter means. >> it is not like my weather- predicting crab. >> i just like to eat them. we have scattered showers. they are mostly north and west. showers at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. the showers will come through pretty quickly. left this with a warm, muggy afternoon. it is unsettled.
5:49 pm
there is an affront to our north moving slowly in our direction. -- there is an affront to our north -- a front to our north moving slowly in our direction. our monthly rainfall total is almost at 2 inches. that is about 1.5 inches below normal. we are running a 0.685 inches below normal for yearly precipitation. the morning low was 61. supposed to be dropping into the low 60's. locale oldest record low is. 1879. almost the beginning of the weather records around your. they go back to 1871 or so. the warm front is holding. that air mass is the frontal boundary which will slide through tomorrow. tonight, we stay on this side of
5:50 pm
that. lows way above normal, in the 60's. we can separate our temperatures from the 50's in the midwest. that front will make its way gradually through the region tomorrow. a couple scattered showers. partly to mostly cloudy skies. rain stays mostly to the north tomorrow night. there is the possibility some wet weather may track across the area from time to time. even friday morning, it looks like showers will be with us before it clears out. also, there is continuing risk of an afternoon shower popping up. today, warm and humid southeast winds. a couple of showers in the area. wins out of the east at five not to 10 knots. western maryland mountains, scattered showers for a couple days before it starts to cool off. highs only in the 50's in
5:51 pm
western maryland. 80 tomorrow. muggy day. main be an isolated thunderstorm. back into the 70's on friday. then dry conditions. a little timid. tomorrow around ocean city, a little human. plan and showers for the reagans came tomorrow evening. -- plan on showers for the ravens game tomorrow evening. cooler with highs only in the low 70's. >> we began tonight's consumer alert with another expansion of the national peanut butter recall. giant foods is: product. you want to keep an eye out for sunland banana peanut butter. they have been recalling a wide variety of its products due to
5:52 pm
possible salmonella. this is linked to the nationwide salmonella outbreak. we have a list of all of those included in the list on our website at click on recalls. pigs do not fly, but we are paying more for bacon. is about to get worse. the price for corn and soybeans which are used to feed hogs it is going up. that will translate into at least a 10% increase in to court prices next year keeping the cost of raising a child is estimated to be around $300,000. and it comes to babies, the cost of diapers may be a surprise to you. more and more parents are finding new ways to save. it all depends on where and how
5:53 pm
you shop. a diaper price survey -- it shopped for diapers in warehouse stores, discounters, online. one of the biggest surprises -- shop amazon. for a monthly fee, you can join amazon mom and save find big- name diapers. >> the prices were far lower than any store where we shopped. >> also notable, some of the best prices on diapers were at costco, target, sam's club, and bj's. buying a box of diapers with more than 120 diapers will likely say you anywhere from 15% to 20%. when it comes to cloth diapers, they are most efficient when you watch them yourself. >> and that is fun. >> remember those days.
5:54 pm
>> and we look at a unique front yard display. the city denies taking it down without notice. but first -- >> it is a baby on steroids. >> that is one way to describe one of nbc's newest comedy is. a preview of your wednesday night lineup when we come back.
5:55 pm
a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
5:56 pm
>> nbc has a lineup of brand new
5:57 pm
show is making its debut tonight. we have the details. >> creature comedy takes center stage as "animal practice" returns. with the show said in a veterinary hospital, the door is open to unique situations. >> last week we had an ostrich. >> but the regular cast member drawing raves is the capuche and monkey. >> is amazing to see her work. >> tonight viewers will get chance. will be a dr. rizzo big hit on the show. >> "guys with kids" also
5:58 pm
returns. >> it is "three men and a baby" on steroids. >> of the comedy comes from jimmy fallon. >> when he is in the room, it is mr. fallon. >> law and order: svu hasn't two-hour beginning. >> the team is torn apart. >> the show enters its 14th season with a new challenge. >> and you will want to take notice. two weeks from tonight, the new nbc drama of " chicago fire" will debut after svu. this is what is coming up at 6:00 deegan >> of controversial front yard display -- was removed without the owner's
5:59 pm
consent? >> investigating an alleged sexual assault against the special needs students. coming up, the response from police. >> surprising numbers in a new poll that puts the odds of expanding gaming dead even. we have details. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. love, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. a controversial display of child manikins hanging from unused in a front yard. were they detest or pornography? >> this is certainly not your everyday front yard display, but it is what and neighbors says

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